The Marzouks — Part 1

Upskilling & Reskilling Refugees

Founded in 2017, aimed to connect refugees of certain skills with citizens of the hosting community who are looking for those skills.

From the very first beginning, reputation dimension was at the heart of the platform architecture. Thus, Marzouk provided refugees who join with scores and badges to establish and validate such reputation. The backend system is intelligently designed to allocate those markers, i.e. scores and badges, based on different criteria. The quality of performed work, customer satisfaction, communication manners & politeness, after service attentiveness, certificates obtained by refugees in hosting communities and language levels are few examples of the criterions contributing to the scoring algorithm. The higher the score, the more recruiting chances the skilful refugee will have.

This model was unprecedent as it engages and integrates refugees by allowing them to realize the immediate benefits of adopting citizenship good practices. Contrary to many other -integration- models, this model is more organic and less artificially enforced.

In 2020 Marzouk, added two new services, namely the Refugee-Entrepreneur and the Skilling-Lab.

This article provides explanation about the Skilling-Lab. For an elaboration about the Refugee-Entrepreneur service read by clicking here.

The Skilling-Lab aims at reskilling and upskilling refugees to enjoy more competencies in three areas, namely, environment, well-being, technology. With skills covering these areas, refugees will have the triangle balance of Nature, Self, and economic stabilities. This triple bottom line I talk about more elaborately here. The upskilling and reskilling methodological approach adopted here is an assets system of Roumooz. It is constituting of three phases:

A. Assessment

In this phase we do a full scan of the applicant -any refugee can apply, there are no conditions- current competencies. The objective is similar to a personal SWOT analysis but with the objective of uncovering the potentials and aligning them with phase B.

B. Future

In this phase, we explore the PURPOSE. We help refugees project their purpose in life and draw their short, mid and long term objectives. This goes in relation to what they already have/do and what they aspire to have/do. In this phase, the objective is mainly to calibrating the optimal balance between passion/dreams and circumstance/realities.

C. Skilling

Once the past and the future are placed next to each other, we try to design the best medium to ‘live’ the present. This phase is particularly divided into two components. Obtaining knowledge and attaining it.

Skills are acquired by teaching the following :

  • Cycling
  • Technologies: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Cloud Computing, Database architecture and queries language, Data Analytics, Python, web development, UX.
  • Philosophy, Personal Psychology, Networking, Advocacy
  • NeuroEconomics
  • Ecology: Sustainability, Urban Nature and Sustainability, Governance, Social-Ecological Systems, cities planning, Circular economy and bio-diversity.
  • Economy/Business: Creative Strategy, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Software Management. Design Thinking.
  • Handcrafting/Artisanal

Each learning objective is traced via relevant tools including digital and hard copy companions designed by Roumooz. Those companions prove to be undeniable development media. There human-centric design ensures three elements: ease of use, ease of retrieval, friendly reminder.

We are glad to announce this new service. We are looking forward to see more refugees joining Marzouk and getting the best out of this service.



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Bilal Zaiter

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