Here is the first thing you should do to make your business idea a reality

Bilal Zaiter
4 min readDec 9, 2020


Hint: you are the incubator.

You have been there. People will tell you it will not work. People will tell you that you have to ‘just’ live the ‘normal’ way. To get a job. Search for a job. Get a contract and ‘be’ secured. ‘I am sure you can find it’ they told you, ‘you have many qualifications’ they added.

And if they are like hammering all the time with the many versions of the same ‘advice’, and if you are already confused in your observations during your ideation phase, then most probably you will quit. Of course, you will not call it a quit, particularly not when those friends and family members around you are endorsing the quit and applauding your ‘finally’ smart decision.

Take a week or two after that, and you will see the worst part of it coming at you. Those who were convincing you to ‘quit’ your dream/your belief, are not there any more. They have just left. They abandoned you. They dropped you off, just like you dropped your own baby. You did not nest it properly and now winter comes. Congratulations, feel lonely.

This is exactly what happens everyday. In love relations, in business relations and in revolutions. Simply, because there are roots and leafs. Because there are day dreamers and night dreamers. Because there are two halves of the brain and because there is life and death. NON of which is bad or good. NON is a loser or a winner. They are just complementary. However, the problem, often is this.

As long as the idea is not realized into a tangible social reality it is more vulnerable than its critics. Once it is realized and materialized and shining, everyone wants to embrace it. It is the case with belief. ALWAYS.

Main problem of Muslims is that most of the time and for the majority of -self-claimed Muslims is that they can not materialize their religious beliefs in the appealing and rewarding way they describe them. Enters media stereotypical and prejudiced framing and voila! Muslims are ‘weird’ and ‘scary’ creatures.

If you can not bring it to reality then be prepared to an ocean of doubts. I committed this ‘stupid’ mistake several times in my life. talking about projects then not making them realized. This position you, consciously or not, as a loser. Then doing the opposite positions you as a winner, an achiever, a capable of dreaming person. A maniac. A genuine and genius maniac.

This is why you need to believe in it. in your dreamed identity. In your dreamed project. If it is love or a business idea. And your belief need to be profound. You can not doubt it. Yes, you can doubt it but early enough not later. You can doubt before you commit yourself to it EVEN with words. In fact, WORDS not be taken lightly at all. And there is a reason for that. They shape your thoughts, they shape who you are. If you keep betraying and abandoing your own words, that is yourself, then you should not be sorry if anyone betrayed you. If you want to survive you are not allowed to doubt that you are alive. If you want to put the baby to birth, you can not doubt your pregnancy.

You are your own incubator. You are your own shelter. Actually, you are the refugee and the shelter.

The refugees escaping frustration and anxiety and low emotional points during the problem identification/research/ideation/phase.

But you are also the shelter that is protecting your fragile, baby, plant, dream.

Why belief is important? Because you will be challenged. I wrote about brainwashing and how it made american soldiers betray their own country only by challenging their core values system when they were captured by the Vietnamese. True, is that the story is usually narrated with a lack of context and by omitting a lot of information, but fact still is that the weaker our core values are, the more exposed to ‘thought reform’ we are. This is why we continuously ask ‘what is your purpose?’ because this drags us then into a series of ‘why’ questions which eventually helps us take better control over our own lives.

But how do you know you are not stupid? I mean seriously, how do you know you are not just dreaming and that your idea cannot happen?

The answer is easy.

  • First you need one believer. I talked about the power of having one believer in your life previously, but it is just very simple. You need to make the snow ball. You just need one person to push it down the hill with you. You want to have a dancing party, you need just one person to start dancing after you. But again, you can not have that ONE believer, unless you yourself believe. You want to move the mountain. You need a mustard seed faith.
  • Second, you need to validate it.

I explain more about the innovation process in another article but for now, you can only rely on three things. Believe in your your dream, make one other person believe in it too, validate more broadly.

Eventually, the baby will grow and everything will blossom. So if you TRULY want to be the father, the mother, the owner, the winner, then you’d better …………………………………………………be there.



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