A new online incubator is going to change the rules of power in early-stage-investments’ game

What if you can create your startup today!. You validate profitability and impact wise the social enterprise idea you want to create, you find co-founders, you create a team and secure the needed resources, you launch your fully functional prototype in a span of few weeks.

Is this possible? Long answer is: YES.

The idea very simple. It is about entrepreneurial projects. Normally, in the investment world the early stage projects attract certain types of investment. Mainly incubators would host such projects for a certain % of equity. Venture Capital (VC) entities also get interested in early stage startups for…

I have some confessions to make

40 years ago, i was younger. You were fresher. We did not meet because i was young and you were too. Then we both grew up a little bit more. You faster though. But still, I did not pay enough attention to you. You have always been there but i did not know. Simply i did not recognize. In the beginning, no one told me, then when i started growing up nothing changed.

Then one morning, in a boring winter day, I was introduced to you briefly during a biology class at school. The class was in a classroom with…

Vesting is…

Photo by Evi Radauscher on Unsplash

Vesting is the technique used to allow ‘employees’ to earn their equity over time. We can apply the same technique to co-founders, or board of advisory members.

When we say ‘over time’ it is usually 3–4 year vest. You earn your stock or options over a fixed period of time. So let us say the vesting schedule is a 4 years one, then the employee will receive 25% of her options/stock after year one, 25% after year two, 25% after year three, and 25% after year four.

One year cliff vest

An important concept to vesting schedule is one year cliff vest. This means…

Consider this before…

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The first question that comes to mind when an entrepreneur think about launching a new business is : HOW WILL YOU FIND IT?

I purposely capitalized the letters, not to indicate those questions usually comes in a LOUD voice tone, because most of the time they do not, but to reflect their impact on the listener.

And guess what? The first persona usually posing those questions are the entrepreneurs themselves. This is critical as it tend to divert attention from what is more important to what is less important.

Funding is a mean

remember, the right way to start thinking about funding is that…

A powerful set of dreams & their relevant quotes

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Dreams are gifts and 2021 is yet another dream awaiting to be unwrapped.

Holidays times, we love & love them, but they also bring with them all sorts of uncertainties. I choose in this grey & cloudy winter day to squeeze some pomegranate and paint few seagulls on your window. I talk about dreams.

Because sometimes it is hard to keep your dreams alive. Other times, your dreams can remain just daydreams for far too long. Long enough to make you abandon them.

A new year is about to come, and what can be a better way to welcome the…

Hint: you are the incubator.

You have been there. People will tell you it will not work. People will tell you that you have to ‘just’ live the ‘normal’ way. To get a job. Search for a job. Get a contract and ‘be’ secured. ‘I am sure you can find it’ they told you, ‘you have many qualifications’ they added.

And if they are like hammering all the time with the many versions of the same ‘advice’, and if you are already confused in your observations during your ideation phase, then most probably you will quit. …

The NEW food-culture model by Refugees

‘The real taste of other cultures’

Refugees around the world now have a new medium to make the best of their cooking talents. The new model by Marzouk.today takes food-culture potentials a step further towards building more cohesive communities around the world. Rather than just celebrating cultural diversity through the food dimension the platform shows the possible positive economic impact of this cultural dimension.

Refugees with cooking talents can sell -at affordable prices- meals to their neighbours in a matter of clicks.

Desirability comes first

Alice works at Place d’Italy in Paris. Her work starts at 9:00 and she normally finishes at18:00, from…

Here is the how to

Founded in 2017, Marzouk.today aimed to connect refugees of certain skills with citizens of the hosting community who are looking for those skills.

From the very first beginning, reputation dimension was at the heart of the platform architecture. Thus, Marzouk provided refugees who join with scores and badges to establish and validate such reputation. The backend system is intelligently designed to allocate those markers, i.e. scores and badges, based on different criteria. The quality of performed work, customer satisfaction, communication manners & politeness, after service attentiveness, certificates obtained by refugees in hosting communities and language levels are few examples of…

Bilal Zaiter

Writing makes life joyful. You will often find me playing at the digital humanities playground.

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